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chéri-bibi ci5 cia ciao civil rights civil rights movement civil war civilisation civilization claymation cleaner cleaning cleaning lady clown club club music club penguin cocktail cocoa plantation code college graduate college life college love college president college professor comeback comedia comedia negra comedian coming out commandos commentary commercial complex relationship complicated relationships composer compound conciliator concubine concurso cons and scams conscience consciousness consent continuation war contraband contract contract killer corfu cornflakes cornwall england coronavirus cosmic calendar cosmic horror countryside coup coup d'etat couple cowboy cowboy and outlaw cowgirl coyote crew cricket crime crime against humanity criminal justice criminal justice system criminal law cross country trip cross dresser cross dressing crossdressing cubs cuckold cuddle bear cuentame como paso custody custody battle custom bike custom car cystic fibrosis czech czech airport 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parents-in-law paris 1900 paris, france parish party party company party planner passage of time pawn shop pawnbroker pawnshop payback people's republic of china perception percy jackson perfect crime perspective peru pervert pervertion philadelphia philadelphia phillies philanderer philanthrope physical condition physical disability physician physicist pioneer women pioneers piracy pirate plastic plastic contamination plastic pollution plastic surgeon poison poisoning poker pokémon police inspector police interrogation police investigation police lieutenant political comedy political commentary political conflict political corruption polyamory polygamy polygraph polynesia porn actress porn director porn industry porn star post nuclear post office post traumatic stress disorder post war prank prank gone wrong prank telephone call pranks presidential campaign presidential candidate presidential debate presidential election prison prison break prison break attempt prison camp problems 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single parent ski doo ski resort skills skills challenge skinheads slice of life slight romance slime slob smeg smersh smithsonian smoking sms soccer sochi social social & cultural documentary social politics social prejudices social problems social realism social satire sommer son son of god son-in-law south italy south korea south london south pacific south pole space exploration space invasion space mission space monster spanish princess spanish singer spanish spoken spanish war spanish–american war speedboat  speeding ticket spell spellcasting spooky spooky house spoon spor sport spy spy hero spy story spy thriller star falls star showcase star trek star trek the original series star trek the search for spock steampunk stegosaurus step brother step father stepson stereotype steward storytelling straight interest straight men straight relationship strip club strip tease stripper strong subculture submarine submersible subsistence living sufism sugar shack sugarcane suicidal super 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